How to Create Quality Time With Your Kids

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Written by Abbie Schiller, CEO of The Mother Company

Time moves fast. It is sometimes deeply disturbing to me that I can’t freeze time and make my children stay young just a little longer. So instead, I try to manipulate the time we spend together to pack in as many adventures, create special times and memory-making moments as possible. I would rather spend $10, $50, $100 on an experience than on a toy. And she would rather that too. In fact, science has proven that spending money on experiences leads to happier lives. And so…

Here’s how we make it work:

Appointment…with mom

One of my daughter’s absolute favorite memories ever was when one day I showed up to her school two hours before the bell and told her I needed to take her to an appointment. She gathered her backpack and looked worried. “Am I going to the doctor? Do I need shots?” she asked. “Nope!” I said, “You have an appointment to hang out with me.” Her smile was enormous and her hug was lasting. We drove a few blocks away to an outdoor beach cafe and spent an hour doing cartwheels in the sand, taking pictures, and having milkshakes. Best. Afternoon. Ever.

Quality time with my daughter at the beach


Day at a play

My lady is a big fan of musicals so once a year we splurge on tickets, get dressed up, and head out for a night on the town. Sometimes we include dinner – sometimes not. Sometimes we buy Milk Duds at intermission. But almost always we come home singing. For the rest of her life she’ll remember seeing these plays with me – and our special afternoons together. And we’ll continue to duet during Evita at every chance possible.


Going to see Wicked with my daughter

Two at travel:

Sometimes I have to travel for work – and sometimes it takes me away from the kids for the weekend. Occasionally, I’m able to take my girl with me. It makes her feel special to help me – especially with a television segment (She helps me carry props! She documents the interview for social media). She feels proud to watch me work, and we both love room service. And time together. So far, we’ve gone to Arizona, San Diego and Sacramento on business trips. In the down time, we sight see or take walks together. It is great to be able to balance work and family so closely.


Mommy daughter business trip to Arizona


A Mimi Mommy (and Auntie) Vacation

Recently, when my niece turned sixteen, I realized that the two girls could benefit from making some memories together – as cousins. So I included my birthday-girl niece in a special night away with my daughter. It was definitely a splurge gift but with hotel loyalty points, and well planned mid-week timing, it didn’t break the bank.

We drove to nearby Palm Springs and went shopping in the outlets on the way, played in the pool, and ordered many, many desserts at dinner. And breakfast.

Fun running from Cabazon dinosaurs on way to Palm Springs

Girls weekend pooltime in Palm Springs

Girls weekend at the Parker Meridien Palm Springs

Considering that my niece is leaving for college in two years, I intend to make this an annual tradition starting now – because she’s growing up so fast and our time to create these special memories is running out. Wish I’d started this tradition years ago.

Loved spending quality time with my daughter at The Parker Meridien Palm Springs

The main point is to make lasting memories. I want to make my daughter feel special – and travel system strollers 2018 offer my time to her. I want to fill her love bank, strengthen our relationship, and contribute to her joy.

I may not be able to stop the clock, but I sure can alter the time we have together to strengthen our future as a family.


Quality time boating with my daughter


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