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Tiny Victories: Whole Foods Market features Catherine McCord in their video series that’s all about super quick tips (average 30 seconds!) to liven up your kid’s snacks and meals.

Pew Study: One in 10 Grandchildren Lives with Grandparents: Grandparent’s Day is this Sunday, September 8th. This Huffington Post article shares interesting stats (race, percentages, gender) about the demographics of kids and grandparents living together.

When Grandparents are Less than Grand: One of TMC’s most popular articles, Amy Goyer, family expert for the AARP, shares insight on how to smooth out the inevitable conflict that arises when our beloved parents drive us a little nutsy with their responses to our parenting choices and kids.

10 Kitchen Science Experiments for Kids: The blog, Make and Takes, focuses on kids crafts, home projects, easy recipes and more. Making ice cream in a bag is just one “lab experiment” included!

Back to School Resolution: I Won’t Overschedule My Family This Fall: In The New York Time’s, Motherlode blog, KJ Dell’Antonia breaks down the pros and cons of lots to do versus nothing to do. How do your post-school afternoons play-out?

How to Raise Assertive Kids Who Speak Up for Themselves and Others: The great Dr. Michele Borba shares her seven tips on how to help kids build self-confidence and learn how to stick-up for themselves.

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