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A weekly round-up of posts we came across that helped us, inspired us or just made us feel something meaningful.

When you need a vacation from your vacation — Lisa-Jo, writer for Simple Mom blog, shares a thought-provoking meditation on watching her boy relish his vacation-time when all she wants to do is sleep.

Potty Mouth: When swearing become normal? — A video clip featuring parenting expert Amy McCready and psychologist Jennifer Harstein about the culture of cussing, and how it influences our kids’ tender vocabulary.

The Day I Stopped Saying Hurry Up — Rachel Macy Stafford, author of the blog, Hands Free Mama, a self-proclaimed “Type-A” personality, allows her daughter, born with a disposition different than her own, to influence and improve her way of living, reminding us of how our children can be our teachers — if we let them.

‘Angry over what?’ Kids react to mixed-race Cheerios ad in new video — “Real people discussing real things” is the goal of brothers, Rafi and Bennie Fine for the YouTube series, Kids React. A recent episode features kids responding to a cheerios ad, featuring a mixed race couple. The ad when originally posted to YouTube received such a slew of racist comments, the comment section was disabled.

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