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It’s Friday, and as a little wrap-up before the weekend, we’d like to share a few articles we came across that helped us, inspired us or just made us feel something meaningful.

Kid Boredom Busters! a post by Dr. Michele Borba who addresses the 21st century issue of kids that are over scheduled and over supervised.

Guide and Step Aside — Fostering Independence an interview with Dr. Louis Lichtman, PhD about why we want our kids to be self-directed and independent, and how to build those characteristics in our littles.

Summer Safety Tips For Parents of Young Children a post about all the things you think you already know. Never hurts to refresh our awareness for keeping our kids safe during the summer.

Sibling Aggression Linked to Poor Mental Health an article in Science Daily about a new study out of the University of New Hampshire linking acute sibling aggression to poor mental health in children and adolescents.

Video: Actress Julie Bowen interviewed on She Knows Entertainment’s “Girl Crush” Julie talks allergies, competition, her charity, “Anaphalaxis 101” and how she’s fine with her lack of “me time.”

Please share your thoughts/anecdotes/musings about this topic below in the comments section. We love hearing from you!

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