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“Ruby’s Studio” Holiday Sale!

Now until the end of December, we are offering our beautiful DVD, “Ruby’s Studio: The Feelings Show” for just $14.99! That’s 25% off the original price of $19.99. Spread familial harmony and cheer this Holiday Season with a gift that both parents and kids will love.


Baby Gear Mom/Channel 4 Review!

“Ruby’s Studio: The Feelings Show” received a glowing review from The Baby Gear Mom, Erica Guevara on San Antonio’s Channel 4 affiliate, WOAI. We are so thrilled. Check it out!


Boys Behaving Badly?

“Boys will be boys.” We’ve all heard it – but does it just condone bad behavior? And what is “bad behavior” anyway? Acclaimed author, Michael Thompson, challenges our assumptions and approaches to raising emotionally intelligent boys.


Boys Have Feelings, Too

Mom Erin Janda Rawlings describes her own hurdles in coming to understand, accept and maneuver through her son’s emotional universe.


Bully-proofing Our Children

Education consultant, Ellen Sanchez shares some valuable tools for how children can handle bullying, when to get help and the distinction between tattling and reporting.


Can you say “I Love You” Too Often?

Should you ever deny yourself the urge to say “I love you” to your kids? Dr. Christine Carter, sociologist and happiness expert at UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center says, as a matter of fact, yes.


Casting Call at GapKids!

Have you seen our hilariously thoughtful kids-on-the-couch interviews from “Ruby’s Studio: The Feelings Show?” This Saturday at 1969 GapKids on Robertson, we’ll be searching for a new group of adorable thinkers for our next episode. So if you’ve got an insightful, interesting kid age 3-7, come on by. We’d love your family to be a part of our show!