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Three years ago The Mother Company launched with the hope and aim to provide modern-day mamas (including ourselves) a variety of tools to help us raise GOOD PEOPLE. We know it’s not easy! We’re right there with you. All around the world, we’re hearing from mothers struggling and rejoicing – doing the best they can for their children. Here’s a sampling of what you’ve shared with us in reaction to some of our most popular in-depth expert interviews. Please keep your valuable comments coming. We love hearing from you.

From CJ: “I was raised in a household where there were constant demands, lots of shouting and no understanding of the way a child’s mind works. It made me a very troubled teen, I had no respect at all for my mother who parented me in the way that you have outlined it should be done, and I became a very angry adult. I still have trouble regulating my emotions and not entering fight or flight BUT I hope that with the help of people like Dr Markham (& by not doing what my mum did) I can stop history repeating itself.” — Comment posted to “What Happens When Parents Yell at Children,” an interview with Dr. Laura Markham

From Michelle King: “Thanks so much for your inspirational story. I am also raising a child in pink. However, although biologically male, prefers to be called she and live as a girl. We had a really tough time crossing the barrier at school, though. Admittedly it was a tough inner city school, but like you, we had hoped for the best. Our child in pink had a really rough day and wet all over the dress, because she was not permitted to use the girl’s restroom. We have since pulled her out of school and are looking for a better fit. It is great to hear that others are having better experiences.” — Comment posted to “Raising a Boy In Pink,” an essay by mother and writer, Sarah Hoffman

From Rebecca: What do you suggest for grandparents who undermined parents with issues involving safety and personal space (children’s)? We are trying to work with my in-Laws, but safety isn’t something we will compromise on and talking about it so far has only resulted in either being ignored or fighting. Thank you for this article. Its not often people have positive approaches to real issues. — Comment (and expert reply) posted to “When Grandparents are Less than Grand,” an interview with Amy Goyer

From Erin MacMillan-Ramirez: “It is so refreshing to read about another only child family. My husband and I are constantly assaulted by friends, family and strangers about our decision to have only one child….I feel guilty whenever I land a great gig and have to spend time away from my son. I feel guilty when I have to travel to a set and spend even a minute away from my son. I feel guilty for enjoying alone time when my son is in school….There are three exceptions to all of this judgement. My Mother, my Grandmother and my Mother-In-Law. They completely understand why my husband and I only want one child. They secretly feel guilty whenever they talk about how their education level, job opportunities and income levels would have been much different if they had stopped at one child.” — Comment posted to “Choosing to Have an Only Child,” an essay by Heidi Lindelof

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