“A Little Story About Friendship” – Why Are Friends Important?

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(Click the image above to watch a preview of “A Little Story About Friendship” from Ruby’s Studio: The Friendship Show, full segment available for DOWNLOAD today!)

I believe that friendship is truly one of the most important things in life. As an only child of divorce, I have always built family from my friends and they remain a top priority for me. Friendships take work and commitment, flexibility and understanding — but the payoff is huge. My good friends are as close to my heart as my own family – and I really want my son to find such richness in friendship throughout his own life.

So to help a generation of children understand what friends can offer, we decided to make a segment to explore the value of friendship. Why have friends? How does friendship work? How does it make life better, sweeter, more expansive and fun? Lionel the Lion and Louie the Sheep find each other on the playground and learn about some pretty important tenants of friendship: sharing, caring, understanding, and forgiveness. We feel like this unlikely pair can offer kids a pretty good window into ways to build good, strong, lasting friendships.

–Sam Kurtzman-Counter, President, The Mother Company

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