Rave Reviews for “Ruby’s Studio!”

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Ruby and fan Mia (5) at a 1969 GapKids event. Sid Snail and Lucy Ladybug dolls in background!

Thanks to all you parents and kids for checking out our first DVD, “Ruby’s Studio: The Feelings Show.” Furthermore, we are so grateful that you’ve taken time out of your busy lives to send us your praise about the show. We are beyond thrilled to hear your reviews. Keep them coming, we really want to know what you think!

Here’s what parents – and kids – are saying:

“I have to truly say, that my kids and I absolutely loved the show! Personally, I was thoroughly impressed with the style and aesthetics, content and “vibe” of the show. So creative and everything was so “current” and stylish! During the Arts and Crafts scene, my 5 year-old said, ‘I want to do this someday, okay?’ Even before we got to the end, and then of course again at the end of the show, they kept asking if we could watch the show again and again!!! –– Shirley, mom of Aiden (7) and Zoe (5)

“The DVD is excellent. We are in the process of teaching Maya about expressing herself, while accessing her ‘feelings’ (in an attempt to avoid meltdowns), so your show couldn’t be better, timing-wise. We are pretty particular with television- we really try to limit their exposure to the tube, but we’re happy to let them watch The Mother Co!” — Kevin, father of Maya (4) featured below, and Eli (2)

Watch little Maya (4) dance to the irresistible “Happy Song.” (And what about that pooch?!)

“We watched the Feelings DVD the other day and Ronin is obsessed! He actually told me when I was having a meltdown in traffic, “Ruby would tell you to take a deep breath!” -Rhiannon, mom of Ronin (3.5)

“Brilliant job! Good even for older kids, which I was glad to see. I think this DVD is going to go a long way in helping kids learn to manage their emotions, which is huge. It’s the missing link in the modern day curriculum.” -Michelle, mother of Avery (7) and Alex (9)

“Hi there, firstly, I LOVE your work! It’s such a breath of fresh air to see something fresh and innovative for our little ones to learn from on the Telly…. And there is definitely a hole in that kind of TV programming over here too and am convinced you will take off here and be welcomed with open arms.” — Tracey, mom of Oscar (2.5) from Australia!

“Owen sang The Happy Song the whole way home from the event yesterday (while holding his 2 dolls:)! It was such a fun Mother Co afternoon.” — Hathaway, mom of Owen (4) below, and Violet (1.5)

“Ruby’s Studio: The Feelings Show” fan Owen (5), embraces Sid Snail and Lucy Ladybug dolls

For those of you in LA, we loved meeting and seeing you at our events. We’ve had so much fun doing activities with your kids and we are looking forward to our final events this Saturday the 14th (our Casting Call) and Saturday the 21st, our Garden Theater puppet show celebration.

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