Our First Garden Theater Characters!

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Garden Theater will be our puppet show in every episode of “RUBY’S STUDIO,” where we will get to know this leafy, mulchy, magical world of bug friends. What kid doesn’t want to sit around and watch roly-polys and marvel at snail trails all day long? Portland artist and dollmaker, Emily Martin designed these characters for us:

LUCY LADYBUG — Meet the Garden’s local babysitter, teen queen Lucy Ladybug. She can be found sitting on the tallest leaf in the garden catching some rays or practicing the dance routines her best friend Bette Bumblebee choreographs. She thinks everything is hilarious and you can hear her giggle a mile away.

SYD SNAIL — Sweet Syd Snail is only 4, the baby of the Garden Theater bunch. He is a bit shy, scooting inside his shell to hide when he’s feeling scared. But the little slimester’s got a vivid imagination and loves to do art, especially Slip-n-Slide snail portraits!

MAMA AND PAPA SNAIL — Mama, Papa and Syd snail live in a lovely leafy house, hidden among the foliage of Garden Theater. They are originally from El Salvador, and love to tell tales of the wonderful culture of art and music from their homeland. They love their little Syd with all their hearts, and are so proud that he started preschool this year.

Our puppet designers are busy turning them into soft, loveable puppets. Our kids are chomping at the bit to snuggle with these guys! Check back soon to meet the rest of the Garden Theater gang!

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