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The Drawbacks to Medicating Children

Do the benefits of medications for behavioral conditions such as ADHD and ADD outweigh the risks? Dr. Marilyn Wedge offers some important statistics about the increasing number of children receiving medications in the U.S., and discusses some alternative therapies.


Talking to Your Child about Adoption

“Where did I come from?” For parents of adopted children, this question can be especially tough. Astrid Dabbeni, executive director of Portland’s Adoption Mosaic, offers tips and resources for when and how to have those earliest conversations about adoption.


When Grandparents are Less than Grand

Whether a force of love, a force of frustration or some incredible mix of both, grandparents are definitely a force, with the potential to shape your children in a profound way. Multigenerational and family issues expert Amy Goyer offers some guidance for dealing with these bright stars in the family constellation.