Codependant Parenting Live Discussion with Torie Henderson

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You might be codependent if you struggle with……

Overinvolvement. Difficulty watching your child experience negative emotion or struggle. Your child’s pain is your pain.

Inappropriate caretaking. Doing for your child more than is appropriate for their developmental age.

Feeling like a bad parent if your kid isn’t thriving.

Sacrificing other relationships (romantic or otherwise), to be there for the kids. An unbalanced relationship with your children.

Trying to control your kids behavior through guilt, dogmatic opinions, projection, passive agressive communication.

Playing the victim or hero. Participating in the drama triangle.

Difficulty enforcing rules and boundaries.

Join us for an enlightening talk to identify and course correct thoughts and habits that aren’t serving our families. Master Certified Life Coach with a specialty in the parenting space, Torie Henderson helps parents identify what’s not working in their families and coaches them towards transformation.

Part of The Mother Company’s series on Parenting in a Pandemic.



Torie is a certified life coach with ten years of experience helping moms fight burnout and find joy in parenting. She knows what it’s like to feel burdened by the responsibility of motherhood. She wants to work together to get out of the Supermom Trap that keeps you stuck in exhaustion and overwhelm.


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