Top 5 Safety Products for Kids

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Just in time for Summer, and National Safety Month, we put together a quick round up of our favorite safety products for kids..

1. Neon Hoodie

Make sure you can spot your kid in a crowd from a mile away. Neon is IN and we are here for it.


2. A Little Book About Safety

Helps parents tackle the topic of kids’ personal safety in a gentle and memorable way.

A Little Book About Safety

3. Personalized ID Bracelet with Safe Adult’s Phone Number

This one is an easy DIY.  Check out How to Make Safety Cuff with Ruby!

Safety Cuff

We also like this beaded bracelet.  Another one that would be easy and fun to make.

Personalized Safety ID Bracelet

4. Safety Activity Book

A super fun filled activity book (perfect for long car rides or flights) that help reinforce important safety tips.

Safety A

5. Your Body Belongs To You

A positive book about setting personal boundaries without being frightening. It lets young children know that it’s all right for them to choose when, and by whom, they are to be touched.

Your Body Belongs To You


We would love to hear any of your favorite ideas or products you’ve discovered for keeping your littles safe!


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