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If your kids are anything like ours, keeping them seated at the Thanksgiving table for more than ten minutes is a bit of a challenge. Most of us would rather be able to catch up with family (and eat!) than spend the whole meal wrangling antsy kids. Well, we’re here to help! This Thanksgiving we’re taking a moment to share some simple ideas for keeping your kids entertained at the Thanksgiving table.

1. Get kids involved in setting up the table

Sally placecard

Kids who are involved in setting the table, will likely take more pride in staying at the table.  (And this keeps them out of the kitchen while you are preparing the meal.)  Children as young as 3 can set the table. Have them help make cute simple place cards. 

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 We used card stock and printed names out (with Hannah font) and pinned rosemary sprigs to them. Let the kids place them on the plates.  This helps them feel like they have something to contribute which is a great way to boost their confidence and get them excited for the meal.

2. Create a kid-friendly table setting


Cover the table in craft paper and put out jars of crayons so that the kids (and grown-ups) can stay occupied (and crafty!) during the meal.

3. Encourage Gratitude


Modeling gratitude is the surest way to get grateful children.  During the meal, let the kids reflect on the things that they’re grateful for with a simple game.  Have them write down (or draw) what they are thankful for on cards, put them into a hat and have everyone read aloud each card and guess who is thankful for what. Download ours right here!

4. Enjoy the togetherness with games


Encourage fun for the whole family with Thanksgiving Bingo! We are providing a FREE downloadable Bingo game to keep the conversation  – and celebration – going.


Click here for a free printable of the Bingo game! 

 This was originally posted November 1st, 2015

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