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Thought-provoking articles gathered from around the web meant to support and inspire our parenting.

Pumpkin Activities for Kids! 40 Ways to Learn, Play & Decorate!: Carving pumpkins isn’t so fun for the little guys – knives are sharp! But what about rolling pumpkin art? Or, wrapping a pumpkin up in cheese cloth so it looks like a mummy? Can do!

Bullying among boys easily dismissed?: Do parents and educators allow for aggressive behavior unleashed upon boys because that’s considered culturally “normal,” and therefore doesn’t deserve to be monitored?

Unconditional love is like a muscle. It needs a daily workout: Dr. Laura Markham stresses that love is action, and suggests pragmatic ways to react with compassion no matter how charged your emotions are.

The high cost of accident free: Emily Plank, blogger behind Abundant Life Children, cautions against too many well-intentioned cries of, “be careful!” and the value of letting our kids fall down.

How a Radical New Teaching Method Could Unleash a Generation of Geniuses: An utterly fascinating article about a teacher in a destitute part of Mexico, who bucks conventional teaching methods and watches his students thrive beyond belief.

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