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Let’s Talk About Teens: Live Discussion and Q&A

Christine Carter PhD, author of “The New Adolescence” and “Raising Happiness” talks to us about sheltering in place and how this pandemic is especially hard on teens, tips for coping as a parent during these really difficult and uncertain times and how to connect and communicate meaningfully.


Talking to Kids About Coronavirus: Live Discussion with Q&A

How do we talk to kids about this pandemic? How can we thoughtfully answer their questions when we have so many ourselves? From parent of toddler to teen, Dr. Cara Natterson is here to help guide us to communicate the importance and gravity of the situation without causing panic and anxiety.


Mom Brain is Real

Are you a new parent feeling forgetful and out of sorts? Research suggests there is a significant change to our brains after having children, otherwise known as “mom brain.” What to Expect writer and expert Roselin Raj helps break down the science of mom brain so we can try to give ourselves a break and when in doubt.. blame science.   


Some Guidance on Parenting Alone

Parenting alone takes the rigor of the all-important job to the next level. Parenting expert, Sue Atkins, shares some guidance to help single parents tackle the challenge of doing it all!

Self-Care 1

Why Self-Care Matters

For many of us moms, taking care of our own needs often feels like a “back burner” issue, but if we don’t make sure to fill our personal love bank, things can go from bad to worse in a hot minute. Acclaimed psychologist, author and tv/radio personality Dr. Jenn Mann (formerly Dr. Jenn Berman) shares her thoughts on the importance of self-care for keeping mama — and the family — happy and healthy.