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Good Enough vs. Never Enough

Are you constantly struggling to try to achieve perfect parenthood? Or do you accept yourself for all your strengths and weaknesses? Authors of the work/life balance guide, “Good Enough is the New Perfect”, Becky Beaupre Gillespie and Hollee Schwartz Temple, elucidate this battle of Modern Mommyhood.


Is Mediocrity Good Enough for Our Kids?

Embrace mediocrity! That’s one of Dr. Wendy Mogel’s mottos. For real? Read on to hear why she says it’s key to living a happy life.


Making Memories instead of Materialism

Unless it’s a puppy, will your child remember gifts from this holiday season, or the memories made? At The Mother Company, we’re banking on sweet recollections. We offer up eleven ways to create ritual that lead to family bonding from Susan Newman, Ph.D.


The Danger of Labeling Kids

Shy. Aggressive. Observer. So many adjectives that define our kids. When and how can labeling harm our children? Lynne Kenney, shares her insight.


What We’re Hearing

Clothes for girls that they can actually move in! Revealing portraits of classrooms from around the world and parental separation anxiety are all explored in articles culled from the web this week.