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Can I Ever Let My Kid Walk Home Alone?

We parents hear of random acts of violence towards kids and might want to keep ours close and never let go. But, is that what’s best for our children? Pattie Fitzgerald, founder of Safely Ever After, shares ten tips for safety.


Guide and Step Aside – Fostering Independence

How long has it been since you used the bathroom alone? Tired of your tike hiding behind your legs? Louis Lichtman, PhD, offers us guidance to hone a more independent and self-directed little human.


Is Boredom Good For Children?

The next time your child says, “I’m bored”, instead of rushing in with a structured activity or resorting to TV or video games, Dr. Laura Markham explains how letting children find their own way out of boredom is an important way to spark creativity and imagination.


The Danger of Labeling Kids

Shy. Aggressive. Observer. So many adjectives that define our kids. When and how can labeling harm our children? Lynne Kenney, shares her insight.


The Hazards of Over-Protecting

Scared for your child’s safety in this big, bad world? Lenore Skenazy, from “Free Range Kids,” says parents need to brave their fear.


Supporting your Child’s Independent Play

Some parents exhaust themselves entertaining their children. But what if actively observing our tots better supported their social-emotional development? Janet Lansbury, parent educator says, hands-off but observant is the way to play.


Three Imagination Rich Play Ideas

Three ways to foster your child’s imagination and creative play, from Beth Engelman, popular blogger behind “Mommy on a Shoestring.”