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Parenting While Caring for Aging Parents

As people are living longer and raising kids later in life, many parents are struggling with the particular demands of parenting teens while caring for their aging parents. Judy Zexter, psychotherapist and teen parenting expert, breaks down the challenges and urges parents to practice self care.


The Babysitter is Here. And it’s Grandpa.

Grandparent as babysitter. We are grateful. But, sometimes the judgement used confounds us parents. Kelcey Kintner, the blogger behind The Mamabird Diaries shares the (mostly!) upside of having her dad look after her kids.


Tips for Multi-generational Living

As a parent with your own children, can you really go home again? Dr. Susan Newman, author of “Under One Roof Again,” gives some doable tips about how you can live happily together in a multi-generational home.


When Grandparents are Less than Grand

Whether a force of love, a force of frustration or some incredible mix of both, grandparents are definitely a force, with the potential to shape your children in a profound way. Multigenerational and family issues expert Amy Goyer offers some guidance for dealing with these bright stars in the family constellation.


What We’re Hearing

Can you sink a marshmallow? That question will be answered along with how to raise assertive kids and easy ways to spice up kid snacks and meals, in today’s articles culled from the web this week.