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Is your 5 or 6 year-old pushing boundaries and breaking rules he knows he shouldn’t? Unabashedly acting against your wishes? Dr. Claudia M. Gold says take a step back, parents – this defiance business is not quite what you think.


Hitting, Kicking, Biting, and Hair Pulling

You’re at a play date, and the next thing you know your child has launched a fist into the back of his pal. What now? Author and Parent Educator, Elizabeth Pantley, is here with answers on what to do to help curb childhood aggression.


Parenting is Not Getting Easier!

Might reward charts change your kids behavior — for good? Jessica Shyba, popular blogger behind, “Momma’s Gone City” is giving them a go!


The Hard Parts of Parenting

Nobody told us parenting could be so tough! Abbie Schiller, CEO and Founder of the The Mother Company, relates, sharing her personal story of how the hard parts won’t get her down (at least not for long!)