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Crafting a Healthy Competitive Spirit

How can we guide our kids to engage competitively in a way that builds resiliency and empowerment? Ashley Merryman, famed co-author with Po Bronson, of “NurtureShock,” shares her insight.


Twitter Chat: Let’s Talk about Competition and Kids

She’s got the eye of the tiger as she stares down that goal. He’s crying because he lost at Candyland. How best to guide our children and their competitive spirits? Join us in our Twitter chat engaging you and our panel of experts to discuss competition and our kids.

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Understanding Perfectionism In Young Children

Does your child have a tough time making a mistake or taking perceived risks for fear of failure? Parenting expert, Meg Akabas, shares her insight on how to guide our children inclined to accept nothing less than perfect.


Winning and Losing Gracefully

Sore loser? Ecstatic winner? We interview Susan K. Perry, Ph.D., human development expert and social psychologist, to learn ways to help our children compete with grace.