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2 Simple Tips for Positive Parenting

What do you do when you’re at your wit’s end as a parent? TMC President, Sam Kurtzman-Counter, offers some tips to help you reconnect with your kids and regain the positive in parenting.


Disciplining Other People’s Children

The holidays are here, which means families and friends will gather, and little kids will misbehave. What will you do when another parent’s child flagrantly misbehaves in front of you? Should you say something or bite your tongue? Michele Borba, Ed.D., has some tips to keep the peace during the holidays, and every day.


Our Little Liars

What should we do when we catch our kids lying? Dr. Laura Markham offers some helpful hints to build trust and diminish deceit.


Sensory Processing Disorder

Do loud noises and stimulating situations send your little one into overload? Are his jeans “too rough” and his shirt tags “too itchy”? Doctors Lucy Jane Miller and Sarah Schoen, experts in the field of Sensory Processing Disorder, shed light on this common condition.


The Drawbacks to Medicating Children

Do the benefits of medications for behavioral conditions such as ADHD and ADD outweigh the risks? Dr. Marilyn Wedge offers some important statistics about the increasing number of children receiving medications in the U.S., and discusses some alternative therapies.