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“One For All” – Teaching Kids to Be Helpers

Founder and CEO of The Mother Company, Abbie Schiller, talks about “looking for the helpers” during tough times and how she inspires her own children to become the helpers–helping themselves and others in need.


A Mother’s Day Love Letter to YOU

The Mother Co. Mamas, Abbie & Sam, pay homage to YOU, this incredible community of mamas dedicated to raising “good people.” Happy Mother’s Day!


Behind-The-Scenes of “Ruby’s Studio”

VIDEO — Learn about The Mother Company mission to create a gentler, healthier, more enriching alternative to children’s programming in this peek behind-the-scenes of “Ruby’s Studio.”


Bloomberg Business

Read about the genesis of The Mother Company and it’s growth as a business.


Experiencing Joy

Abbie Schiller, CEO of The Mother Company felt compelled to write David O Russell about his new film JOY. As an entrepreneur herself, she was inspired. But his response to her letter changed everything.


Honoring Moms on a Mission

Mother’s Day is a biggie around the office of The Mother Company because…well…mothers. It is …


Mama on a Mission: My quest for meaningful screen time

by Abbie Schiller – As a person who grew up singing songs about “what do you do with the mad that you feel?” from Mister Rogers – I went on a mission seeking the same kind of quality programming for my own child. Why do so few kids’ shows focus on real life characters and themes? I wished that if there was any kind of magic lesson that my child could glean from a TV hero – it would be about all the real life lessons and the questions and issues we faced every day.


Mompreneurs – VIDEO

Watch this exciting new video detailing the passion that drove the MoCo Mamas to start The Mother Company and how they achieve a work-life balance as busy Mompreneurs.


You and The Mamas

Looking for more MoCo in your life? We are excited to announce we will be posting helpful articles, tips, interviews, and essays daily. Check back often and pipe in with your thoughts, too!