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“Ruby’s Studio:  The Feelings Show” DVD –  Now Available!

“The Happy Song” by Elizabeth Mitchell – Now Available!

Sid Snail and Lucy Ladybug plush dolls.  Organic, Natural and Recycled Materials.  Handmade in the USA.

Now Available!


Fun with out being frantic. Sweet without being saccharine.

In a world of fast-paced, over-the-top children’s entertainment, we believe that kids relate to and retain information better when it’s presented more gently, with down-to-earth, real people in real life, everyday settings.

The Mother Company’s products not only employ well-tested, research-based methods for aiding kids’ social and emotional development, but we are unique in our modern approach to style with a gentle, respectful tone. We are hard at work creating fun, useful, engaging products that every mom (and dad) will be proud to have in their home.

Now Available on DVD:  “Ruby’s Studio:  The Feelings Show”

“Ruby’s Studio” is our series of gentle, fun, and beautiful DVDs for preschool children ages 3-6. All of our shows focus on a single theme based in social and emotional learning – with the goal of helping parents teach these important lessons in a smart, stylish, meaningful way.

Whimsical yet grounded, curious, and cool, our host Ruby (Kelsey Collins) welcomes a group of kids into her stylish artist’s studio, full of wall-to-wall creative materials and magical inspiration. In “The Feelings Show,” Ruby engages children to explore their feelings through the many fun and delightful elements of the show:

Animated segments

Featuring innovative animation from around the globe, we like to classify our aesthetic as “modern nostalgia.” Some utilize cool, textured stop-motion; others employ 2-D old-school simplicity. All are gentle and beautiful, with a classic style.

Original songs

Nothing’s better than a great song to get you and your child inspired to engage, learn, and sing along!  In “The Feelings Show” we are proud to feature “The Happy Song,” sung by the fantastic children’s artist, Elizabeth Mitchell.  Our theme song, “Find Your Treasure,” is performed by the inimitable Inara George.  We favor acoustic instruments and rich sounds and we’d like to wager a bet that you parents will like our music as much as your kids do!

Garden Theater Puppet Show

Inchworms, butterflies, spiders, and snails — what kid this age isn’t interested in bugs?  In “The Feelings Show,” adorable little Sid Snail gets valuable advice from his babysitter, Lucy Ladybug, when his parents go out for the night.  As all kids must do, he learns to cope with his separation feelings and grows in the process of moving through sadness.

Lucy and Sid plush dolls now available!

Interviews With Real Kids

Ever watched your kid’s face when he or she watches another real kid on TV? Not a character, but a real kid talking about something? It’s pretty amazing. We have real kids talking about their feelings – get ready for moments that are both hilarious and deeply insightful.

Special Guests

You never know who might show up at Ruby’s Studio.  For “The Feelings Show” we are beyond honored to have the legendary Mel Brooks narrating our animated segment about frustration.  And how much do we love Ted Lange (Isaac from “The Love Boat”) in his role as The Mailman?  So much!

At-Home Activities

We are always on the lookout for fun, enriching things to do at home with our kids and we’re sure you are, too. In “The Feelings Show,” Ruby guides kids through an art project to express their feelings, using common materials often found at home.  Follow along with the kids in the studio!

Pop-Up Parenting™

Do you have time to read a parenting book cover to cover? Neither do we. That’s why we created Pop-Up Parenting™ to help you get in your own learning right in the middle of your kid’s program! If you click on the “Play with Pop-Up Parenting™” button in the menu, discreet subtitles will pop up at the bottom of the screen to help inform you about all sorts of parenting tips from our experts. In “The Feelings Show, “ parenting guru Betsy Brown Braun offers essential tidbits to help parents aid their kids in emotional literacy.

Co-viewing with your kid is always encouraged by experts – but never before was there an incentive for us to actually sit and watch with them. We’re determined to change that.





Let us know what topics you’d like us to address in our next show!

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