Special Needs (10)


Autism Twitter Chat: Highlights from Our Community

With over six million impressions, The Mother company hosted a successful Twitter chat about kids on the autism spectrum. Leading autism experts, like Anna Kennedy, OBE contributed their tips. Read on for highlights.


Is Your Child Gifted?

Short attention span? Often frustrated? Is your child difficult or… Gifted? Child psychologist Stephanie Meyer, PhD, shows us the signs.


Join us for an Autism Expert Chat

We’re rounding up a group of professionals, bloggers and parents from within the Autism community to discuss the many issues facing parents of children with Autism. Join us!


Sensory Processing Disorder

Do loud noises and stimulating situations send your little one into overload? Are his jeans “too rough” and his shirt tags “too itchy”? Doctors Lucy Jane Miller and Sarah Schoen, experts in the field of Sensory Processing Disorder, shed light on this common condition.


The Drawbacks to Medicating Children

Do the benefits of medications for behavioral conditions such as ADHD and ADD outweigh the risks? Dr. Marilyn Wedge offers some important statistics about the increasing number of children receiving medications in the U.S., and discusses some alternative therapies.


Teaching Compassion for Disability

Most parents have experienced the awkwardness that can occur when their child asks about a person’s disability right in front of them. Dr. Bettie Youngs shares ways we can teach our children to be compassionate about disability and difference in general.


Understanding Autism

1 in 88 children in this country have Autism. That’s over 1 million kids! We all are – or will be – touched by Autism in our lifetime. Lisa Goring from Autism Speaks helps us build awareness and understanding for the life experience of parents and kids in this ever-growing community.


Why We Love “Aspie” Kids

Lacking in guile, kids with Aspergers communicate in a way that’s refreshingly frank, so says Chantal Sicile-Kira, author, speaker, and autism expert.