12 Tips To Get Your Kids School Ready

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Happy Back to School season!  We asked an expert on school readiness and revered Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Hamilburg, for her tips and tools for preparing your littles for the school year ahead.

How you can help your child be successful at school:


1. Encourage your child to dress him/herself.

2. Practice opening his/her own snack, backpack, etc.

3. Set aside a special time to read to your child each day. Ask your child to retell the story in his or her own words.

4. Plan play dates with children of the same age as your child.

5. Help your child learn to use words when angry or upset. Give examples of ways to express feelings.

6. Ask your child to pick up toys at the end of play. Thank your child for helping.

7. Have your child make choices. Making choices builds independence and confidence.

8. Play games that involve taking turns and encourage fair play and good sportsmanship.

9. Give your child one and two-step directions to follow and praise them when they follow them correctly.

10. Help your child practice writing his or her first name. Start with a capital letter, and then use lowercase for the rest.

11. Adjust your child’s sleeping and eating times to the school-year schedule.

12. As the first day nears, stay positive about school- and proud of your child!


Also Remember:


Snack and Lunch…  


Pack and clearly label a separate snack and lunch. No glass containers.



Students should wear comfortable/closed-toed shoes and clothing that allows them to safely participate in school and sport activities.  Make sure to label all sweaters, jackets, etc.

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