Toxic Family Members: Live Discussion with Minda Pacheco

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It’s always someone. Perhaps for you it’s your parents or your in-laws your siblings or that annoying uncle. Toxic family members can ruin our entire family experience. Or can they? Let’s talk to life coach Minda Pacheco, who specializes in toxic family relations, and get some tips and tools on how to manage our thoughts and actions to make for a happier holidays. (These tips help with toxic bosses and neighbors too!)

Minda Pacheco is a certified life coach and relationship expert.  She spent her entire twenties and thirties trying to change other people, but in the end she was miserable and needed a nap.  In 2015 she hired a life coach, and that’s when the magic happened. The magic of changing her thoughts and creating the relationships she’d only dreamt of.  Life is beautiful when we learn to love and accept other people, especially the difficult ones.  Minda can show you how.

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