Covid Q+A: Winter Holidays & the Year Ahead: Live Discussion with Jessica Malaty Rivera

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Is it safe to get on a plane? If we test, can we have family over? What’s the deal with the vaccines? When is the end in sight and what will the new normal look like? Will we ever get rid of Covid?

For her third talk with The Mother Company, join Jessica Malaty Rivera, esteemed epidemiologist and Covid expert, for another no-nonsense information-fest which will leave you informed of the facts and the science to guide your safety.

Part of The Mother Company’s series on Parenting in a Pandemic.


As a senior health and science communication strategist, Jessica has dedicated the last 15 years to high level medical research, global health policy, and access advocacy. Jessica is a microbiologist and specializes in translating complex scientific concepts and clinical data into clear and impactful messages.
With a diverse background in non-profit, academia, and biotech companies, Jessica has conducted robust research and program development in the United States and abroad. Her work has taken her to over 50 countries.  Jessica has particular expertise in emerging infectious diseases, vaccines, and epidemiology. Jessica has experience in science writing and editing, digital engagement, brand marketing, grassroots campaigns, crisis communications, regulatory milestones, and project management.  Jessica is passionate about gender diversity in the STEM industries and committed to promoting equity and fair representation in and through her work.


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