How to Embrace the Struggle: Live Discussion and Q&A with Regina Pally

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Is your child defiant? Feeling frustrated or judged? Are arguments becoming more common? Totally over it all?

Learn how to reframe your approach in relationships using brain science and proven techniques to take the power struggle out. Strengthen all your relationships by learning about reflective listening. This is about “you, me and we.”

Part of The Mother Company’s series on Parenting in a Pandemic.


Regina Pally has practiced as a psychiatrist and therapist for over 40 years, working with parents, couples, young adults and teenagers. She is the Founder of Center for Reflective Communities (CRC), a non-profit organization that provides early intervention and parent training to enhance relationships between children and parents, leading to greater school readiness, increased academic achievement, and more productive lives.

Dr Pally founded CRC to bring the model of Reflective Parenting to as many parents as possible irrespective of their ability to pay. She believes all strong and positive relationships require reflective capacity so that we can make sense of each other’s behavior in terms of the inner feelings and intentions that underlie the behavior. Dr. Pally has coined the term the “YOU-ME-WE “relationship, which refers to the fact that in every relationship there is always the ‘other’ person, there is ‘yourself’ and there is the ‘mutual influence’ you have on each other.

Dr. Pally is a respected author and teacher, on the subject of interpersonal relationships and reflective parenting, both nationally and internationally. Her most recent book, “The Reflective Parent: How to do Less and Relate More With Your Kids” aims to reduce a parents’ sense of stress and help parents build a strong relationship with their child. She has 3 grown children, 6 grandchildren and currently lives with her husband in Santa Monica, CA.


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