How to Build Resilience for Ourselves and Our Kids: Live Discussion and Q&A

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When faced with adversity, how can we train our brains not to sink, but swim? And how can we teach that to our children?

Resilience is the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties. It is a learned skill that can help us live healthier, happier lives. How can we develop this emotional strength and elasticity? And how can we help our children learn it? We’re turning to Dr. Zelana Montminy, renowned psychologist, behavioral scientist, and author of 21 Days to Resilience, to ask questions and get answers. Join us for this free discussion.

Part of The Mother Company’s expert series on Parenting in a Pandemic.

Dr. Zelana Montminy is a renowned behavioral scientist and positive psychologist, delivering a fresh perspective rooted in science. Whether it’s as a researcher, bestselling author, keynote speaker, or hosting a television show, Dr. Zelana is paving the way for mental fitness.


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