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30 days.

This is such a difficult time. People are exhausted, irritable and hurting. Everything is heightened – every thought, every feeling, every decision.  Our focus and motivation might be waning. We’ve gone through “fight or flight” and now we might be stuck in “freeze.” Whatever the case, we are all experiencing an extraordinary set of circumstances – we get it, and we are here to give you some support.

Along with our CEO, expert moderator and life coach, Abbie Schiller, we have partnered with psychologist and parenting expert, Jenna Laski, to create a 4-week support group on Zoom. If you are feeling at wit’s end, overwhelmed, and anxious, or just wanting to become a better you, we will offer coaching to help you work with and move through hard feelings, manage your thoughts, and offer support and guidance for you both individually, and as a parent.

We can help.

Were you part of a baby group? This is similar in community and connection but perhaps a step up in strategy.  We’re imagining an intimate supportive group in which we all process, listen and root for each other weekly. We will set a 30-day intention and hold each other accountable. You will be able to get individual help and learn from others being coached.

Invest in yourself for a beat and put one foot in front of the other with us. Remind yourself how powerful and capable you are. Imagine how good it will feel to do something for yourself, which in turn will help everyone around you.

Here’s what this 30-day small group will be:

  • A 30-day support group on Zoom.
  • Weekly 1-hour long learning, coaching, and self-care sessions.
  • A small, safe group of peers, helping each other along the way.
  • Guided work in mind-management, useable tools, and mid-week prompts to address your challenges and elevate your lives.
  • Overall? An investment in yourself, your family, and your sanity, and support in becoming your best self.

This program starts July 6th at 11am PDT and runs every week until the 27th.

The series costs $200 and you can sign up at this link.  To keep the group intimate, we are capping it at 20 participants. The intent is to make getting personalized help cheaper than therapy, but still offer an effective, safe and supportive option.

Let’s get started by taking this first step toward your sanity, the well-being of your family and future self.  We promise you’ll be glad you did.

See you on the 6th at 11am PDT!

(Zoom details provided upon registration)

Click HERE to register!

Part of The Mother Company’s expert series on Parenting in a Pandemic.

About Abbie:
Abbie is the CEO and Founder of The Mother Company and a visioning coach to help people change their habits and behaviors and achieve their goals. For over 10 years, she’s worked with the parenting experts at The Mother Company to help fulfill the company’s mission to “Help Parents Raise Good People.”

About Jenna:
Jenna Laski is a licensed marriage and family psychotherapist in private practice with a Masters in Clinical Psychology with a specialization in Child and Adolescent Development.  She has worked with children, individuals and families since 2008.


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