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Are your kids constantly fighting?  Rivalry, competition, jealousy, taunting?  You’re not alone!  Sibling relationships are often the deepest, strongest relationships in life – but they can also be the most challenging, for sibs and parents alike. The good news is: we’re here to help.

The Siblings Show, the latest installment in the multiple award-winning “Ruby’s Studio” series, is a fun, engaging way to help young siblings work it out and find the love. Adored host, Ruby, guides kids through a day of relatable sibling scenarios told through colorful old-school animation, a collaborative sibling-themed craft, and a foot-stomping music video, “The Siblings Shake,” performed by Grammy award-winning Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band!  Siblings will have a ball while absorbing tools to reduce rivalry, boost harmony, and celebrate family.


Working it Out

Physical fighting is not OK! Kids will glean memorable ways to resolve conflict and discover useful approaches to sharing, taking turns, productively expressing anger, and cooling down in order to feel seen, heard and loved.

Every Sibling is Special

Youngest, middle and eldest kids each have their own set of particular challenges.  Join beloved middle brother, Miles, as he and Grandpa try to figure out what special quality is unique to Miles, setting him apart from his brothers.  No matter their age or birth order, siblings will learn that everyone is unique and has an important role in the family.

Preparing for a New Baby

A new baby brother or sister can be a real game-changer in a family, and it’s important to try to find the best way to prepare the older siblings. This gentle, humorous animated segment explores both the excitement and anxiety often felt in the anticipation of a new baby sibling, while also offering tips to help children truly welcome this life-changing arrival.

Celebrating Family

Join Bobby Beetle and Sid Snail in our recurring “Garden Theater” segment as Bobby tells the story of how he was adopted by the Dragonflies, aka his “Forever Family.”   The Siblings Show embraces and explores families in all forms, including adoption, blended families, and other common ways that siblings come together.

Siblings Show
“The Siblings Shake”

Get up and dance in this hand-clapping, hip-bumping music video that celebrates the bond siblings share together! Performed by Grammy award-winning Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band, this retro pool-party music video will have siblings dancing, laughing, and hugging one another!

“Sibling Stage” DIY Craft

Ruby and the studio kids make beautiful, collaborative “Sibling Stages” kids can easily make at home! Working together teaches siblings to compromise, cooperate, resolve differences, and appreciate one another, while remembering the joys of family teamwork.

Pop-Up Parenting ™ – written by Dr. Laura Markham

Our popular DVD bonus feature for adults is beautifully written by author and parenting expert,  Dr. Laura Markham, who gives incredibly sage advice for parents on how to stop the fighting and nurture the love between sibs.

It is our aim at The Mother Company to offer families, teachers and caregivers the tools to help raise a generation of “Good People.”  The Siblings Show offers a fun, relatable experience for siblings that will help guide them toward more family harmony and love.  What could be better than that? — Abbie & Sam, the Mother Company Mamas

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