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“The impact of the show’s messages about safety can’t be overstated…This interactive presentation is a fantastic tool for starting conversations with your kids about these and other safety topics.” – Common Sense Media


How can we talk to our children about safety without scaring them? How can we teach them to keep themselves safe when we aren’t around?

In answer to this #1 concern of parents and caregivers of young children, The Safety Show, the latest installment in the multiple award-winning ‘Ruby’s Studio” series, takes a modern, empowering approach to kids’ personal safety. Guided by the curriculum of renowned Child Safety Expert, Pattie Fitzgerald of Safely Ever After, Inc., The Safety Show arms children with the tools they need to protect themselves and make the best choices for their own well-being.


Beloved host, Ruby, welcomes kids to her art studio for a day of exploration. With a gentle, understanding tone, Ruby and the kids investigate why safety matters. Through fun, beautifully animated stories, original songs, and a craft activity, Ruby introduces essential safety concepts in a fresh, thoughtful, and memorable way.


Trust Your “Uh-Oh Feeling”

Children are taught to recognize their instincts and encouraged to trust them when something doesn’t feel safe.


“The Safety Game”

Kids will enjoy playing “The Safety Game” alongside Ruby and the kids in her studio, as they vote “It’s OK!” or “Uh-Oh!” about a comedic variety of unsafe situations.


Get Smart About Getting Lost

When Lyla gets lost at a department store, she has to figure out what to do. Through gorgeous watercolor animation, kids will learn right alongside Lyla as she struggles to recall her mom’s phone number and then remembers that another mom with kids or someone at a cash register is the next best plan. Given that 7 out of 10 kids get lost in their lifetime, Lyla will be a reminder that preparing and knowing what to do “just in case” is a great way to stay safe.


“Safety Cuff” Do-It-At-Home Craft

Ruby and the studio kids make awesome, vibrant “Safety Cuff” wrist bands out of duct tape that viewers can easily do at home! The cuffs have their phone number on the inside and can become a source of comfort when children are away from their “safe adults.” By creating the craft together at home, children can start to remember their phone numbers in a creative, interactive way.


Be the “Boss of Your Body”

When Miles turns 6 years-old, everyone in his family can’t help but squeeze, pinch, noogie, tickle, hug too tightly, and show all sorts of other signs of affection that might not feel so great to a little one. With absolutely no “Ick Factor,” this animated segment shows kids that it’s OK to say “no” to any kind of touch that doesn’t feel right – a tool that can help safeguard them for years to come.


“Boss of My Body” Music Video

In this exciting music video featuring over 75 young dancers, drill teams, hip-hop stars and drummers, kids will dance and sing along with the refrain: “Who’s the Boss?” “I’m the Boss!” — “Of What?” “My Body!” – “Of What, What?” “MY BODY!” – There is no more important lesson than teaching our kids that they are in charge of their own bodies and they can stand up to anyone who breaks that rule. Our bet: you will be singing and dancing along, too!


Check First No Matter What

“Stranger-Danger” is an antiquated term that doesn’t address the fact that 90% of the harm done to children is by people they already know. In our recurring “Garden Theater” segment, Bobby Beetle and Sid Snail run after a loose ball in the garden and encounter a Spider who they already know from the “corner bugstore.” The boys decide to “Check First” with their babysitters before going anywhere or doing anything with the Spider, even though the situation seems OK. If “Checking First” becomes a habit – even in perfectly safe situations – we will know what’s happening with our kids all the time. As babysitter Lucy Ladybug says, “Gotta keep our little bugs safe!”

It is our aim at The Mother Company to offer families, teachers and caregivers the tools to help raise a generation of “Good People.” We hope that The Safety Show will further that aim with a fun, engaging, non-threatening approach that will guide us all toward effective ways to help the next generation stay safe. There is nothing more important.

— Abbie & Sam, The Mother Company Mamas

“Loved this! Ruby takes what could be a very scary subject and turns it into something totally kid sized and manageable. It’s a must-watch for families.”
Elizabeth Shaw, Editor in Chief, Scholastic Parent and Child

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