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Five posts gathered from around the web meant to support and inspire our parenting.

The Power of Parents Who Say ‘No’: Catherine Pearlman, founder of The Family Coach, shares her struggle to stick to boundaries she’s drawn for her kids — no matter how much they hate her for them.

Crap, I Forgot to Be Mindful Again: Hanna Rosin, founder of DoubleX, asks the question, if we’re truly practicing mindful parenting, might that be a bad thing?

Can Probiotics Soothe Colicky Babies?: The cause for colic is unclear, but NPR reports that probiotics might help some babies and parents through this extremely tough condition.

The Underwear Rule: A quick video showing a UK way of talking to kids about sexual abuse so to keep them safe and empowered. (Love the accents too!)

Owning up to Being a Home Schooling Parent: On “Motherlode,” The New York Times blog, a part-time working lawyer mom, skeptical of homeschooling, gives it a whirl, and loves it — secretly.

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