Common Sense Media reviews The Safety Show

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5 star review for Ruby’s Studio: The Safety Show from Common Sense Media

Parents need to know that Ruby’s Studio: The Safety Show teaches kids about personal safety and explores feelings they may have about potentially worrisome situations. Through stories, crafts, songs, and a supportive hostess, the show introduces kids to vital safety tips: “Check first” before doing anything unexpected, trust your instincts –- or “uh-oh feeling” -– if things seem amiss, and heed the advice of your “safe adult.” Parents can easily reinforce these useful tools at home whenever they revisit the issue of safety with their kids. The show also focuses specifically on personal safety, reminding kids that their private areas are off-limits to others (parents and doctors excluded, of course), and empowering them to speak up if other physical contact makes them uncomfortable. This interactive presentation is a fantastic tool for starting conversations with your kids about these and other safety topics.

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