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Five posts gathered from around the web meant to provoke thought and support our parenting, or just make us feel something meaningful.

Lessons Learned from a Year Staying in the Picture: Ever find your photo archives lack YOU in the picture? You’re not alone. Allison Tate, mother of four, committed to feature herself in photos with her children. Now, she reflects on the lessons learned from allowing her mug to matter.

Schedules: Why Does Daily Rhythm Matter For Children?: Dr. Lynne Kenney says schedules gives young children what they need most – a sense of security.

Survey Says: Parents Are Happy, but TiredThe New York Times blog about parenting, “Motherlode,” questions polls about parenting – a topic so personal, complicated, and emotional that it’s impossible to survey accurately.

Autumn Nature Exploration Table: The blog, The Imagination Tree, shares a fun idea getting kids connected to the beauty of Fall!

Easy Ghost Crafts & Activities For Halloween: Get your Halloween spirit on with these eleven crafts bringing to life one of the most fun holidays of the year! Are you ready? Or is it creeping up on you?!

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