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A weekly round-up of posts we came across that helped us, inspired us or just made us feel something meaningful.

Confessions of a Mother Who Couldn’t Say ‘No’:  An article by Sarah Buttenwieser for the NYTimes Motherlode blog, Buttenwieser talks about her difficulty leaving her children to their own devices.   

Bad Parenting Day: 10 Tips for Making Tomorrow Better:  Dr. Robyn Silverman shares her helpful tips for getting through those tough days.  Make sure to also check out The Hard Parts of Parenting, a personal story by The Mother Company CEO and Founder Abbie Schiller on how she deals with the hard parts of parenting.

New Study Shows Why You Should Get the Kids to Bed on Time: A Wall Street Journal article presents recent evidence that going to bed at a regular time every night could give your child’s brain a boost.

The Science of Cavemom Parenting: Cavemom parenting in the 21st century? Learn more about it from Heather Turgeon, and whether it’s something you should try!

Check out our awesome Pinterest board for Lunch & Snack Ideas and Ready for Kindergarten, and get some fresh inspiration for back to school!

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