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A weekly round-up of posts we came across that helped us, inspired us or just made us feel something meaningful.

Emotional benefits for children making up their own stories or songs — Ava Parnass, child psychotherapist and writer for Mommy Perks blog, reminds us of the emergent reading and emotional literacy that comes from kids writing their own books and making up their own songs. She also shares tips on how to guide our children’s creativity.

Open Letter to My Daughter, the Camper — Scott Shamberg, Chicago dad of two, gives his beloved daughter 15 tips to get the most out of overnight camp.

6 Tips for Reading Chapter Books to (very) Young Kids — Jennifer Reimer, writer for Hands On as we grow blog shares six tips on how to read chapter books to kids just about three — focusing on Alice and Wonderland.

Explaining My Adoption to My Biological Daughter — Nicole Soojung Callahan, writes in her column for the NYTimes blog, Motherlode, about her struggle to explain her own adoption to her biological four year old daughter.

13 of the most outrageous playhouses: Don’t show your kids! Holy Smokes! From modern to hobbit-like to a castle — these miniature dwellings are more than just a child’s dream! We, at The Mother Company, want to live in these evocative playhouses. (Marie Antoinette anyone?)

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