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Hear from a few prominent mom influencers about how their parenting style compares to their mothers. What about you and your mama? How do you parent the same? How do you parent differently? We want to hear from you!


Elisabeth and her girl

The greatest woman I have ever known is my own mother – she gave me a true depth and love of life, she was a mirror for me and made me accountable. She most certainly helped me to carve out a purpose with her sincerity and vision. She taught me to to have a core based in integrity.  I have tried to bring the same important lessons to my daughter Easton. Motherhood has given me peace helped me stay balanced and not sweat the small stuff. As a mother, I have tried not to burden Easton with adult stresses or any of the big stuff that keeps us up at night. As long as she feels loved and secure, everything else seems to work out.”

— Actress Elisabeth Röhm, best known for her roles as “Serena” on Law & Order, “Kate” on Angel and currently stars as “Taylor” on The Client List, serves as celebrity baby blogger for and just released her new book, Babysteps. In it, Elisabeth covers her untraditional childhood, and her long journey to motherhood, with a frankness that encourages women to share their stories because “when women stop talking, women stop being heard.”@ElisabethRohm, FB:Elisabeth Rohm, and

Denise, her mom and her kids

I’m not sure how I parent differently but I’m grateful to still have my mom parent me every day and for her to be a second mom to my 2 boys.  I guess she did something right if I want her around all the time with my kids.

— Denise Albert Co-founder, The Moms and HLN Contributor, Raising America @themoms

Melissa and her family

I parent with same love, affection and dedication as my own mother.  The difference is in the play; my father was the playful one which I seemed to inherit.

— Melissa Musen Gerstein Co-founder, The Moms and HLN Contributor, Raising America @themoms

Joyce and her family

I’m more playful and engaged with my kids than mothers of the prior generation, including my own.  While I don’t aim to be my children’s best friend, I do aim to share hobbies, activities and adventures with them.

— Joyce Shulman, Founder and Chief Macaroni Mom

Sharon and her kids

Quite honestly, my mom was pretty amazing so I don’t know that I parent all that differently.  I do know that my most important goal as a parent is to make sure that my kids ALWAYS know that I love them and that I’m there for them no matter what, even if I’ve just finished being mad at them for arguing for the 100th time in that day!  Their typical response to hearing those words daily is “we know mom!” but in my opinion, I’d rather be repetitive than have any regrets of words left unsaid.

— Sharon Vinderine, PTPA Founder & CEO and weekly contributor to CNN’s Raising America series

Ranny and her kids

My mom came from a completely different world than I. She grew up during the great Depression and became a wife and mother during World War II. I’m a Baby Boomer and I was fortunate to have such a secure childhood that, as a parent, I explored new ideas in raising my own children. My children were invited to be part of the decision making process rather than simply being told what to do. I never rushed to the doctor for every cold or malady like my mom did with me and my siblings. Instead, I turned to herbal remedies unless it was something serious and, in that case, we usually ended up at the emergency room. I loved my mom and appreciate her complete commitment to mothering. The things we shared in common were teaching our children to be inquisitive learners, to be resilient and to love our children unconditionally.

— Ranny Levy, Founder and President of KIDS FIRST! Coalition for Quality Children’s Media

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