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The whole purpose of The Mother Company is to help parents with their most pressing parenting challenges.  We want to make sure your questions are answered, so join our “Motherboard”: just write your biggest issue in the comments below and we’ll get on it!

Here are some Motherboard questions we’ve tackled:

Rebecca Levey of KidzVuz wants to help her twins forge their own identity.  Parenting coach and mother of twins, Gina Osher has answers! Read her essay on Twindividuals.

Onica Cupido of The Mommy Factor needs help respecting and adjusting to her child’s independence in a positive way.  Try our article Guide and Step Aside – Fostering Independence with tips from Louis Lichtman, PhD.

Fadra Nally of All.Things.Fadra wants to know how to help her son make friends. Dr. Robyn Silverman offers helpful tips for budding friendships in Help Your Child Make Friends.  (Also be sure to check out our video for children, “Ruby’s Studio: The Friendship Show.”)

Linda Grant of NYC Single Mom is curious about the best way to deal with “mean girls.”  Got a bullying problem too?  Read Suzanne Fanger’s tips in Little Bullies? When Kids Leave Kids Out or if the problem is under your own roof, try Dina Oliva’s Help, My Child is a Bully!

Jennifer Wagner of Connect with Your Teen is struggling with competitiveness between siblings.  Need help with the same problem? Check out our interview with Dr. Joshua D. SparrowSibling Rivalry.

Check out more Motherboard questions here.

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