Announcing “Ruby’s Studio: The Friendship Show”!

We are incredibly excited to announce the release of our new video, “Ruby’s Studio: The Friendship Show

Join lovable host. Ruby, as she welcomes kids into her magical art studio for a day of creativity, fun and friendship.  With the help of adorable animated segments, art projects and inspired original music, Ruby guides children through an adventure of learning about empathy, conflict resolution, The Golden Rule, and other ways to make and nurture lasting friendships.

Now available for download HERE

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Highlights from The Friendship Show:

Animated Segments

Through colorful old-school animation, viewers explore the ins-and-outs of friendship with meaningful humor and fun.

A Little Story About Friendship

 When Lionel the Lion and Louie the Sheep meet at a playground, the unlikely pair finds that through sharing, caring, understanding and forgiveness, they can build a strong friendship.


Wattzon and The Friend Ship

 All aboard The Friend Ship!  Join Wattzon and his lively group of aliens, robots, and astronauts as they learn some helpful tips on how to make friends in this galaxy and beyond!

One for All

On his first day at school, Seth the Soccer Ball helps his new friends stand up for themselves as they join together to stop the intimidating Bowling Ball bully from breaking The Golden Rule.

Garden Theater – Casey Caterpillar Feels Left Out

When Casey Caterpillar feels left out of Bette Bumblebee and Lucy Ladybug’s flying game, these Garden Theater bugs learn important ways to become compassionate, considerate, and caring friends.

Elise and Louise

In this super fun, colorful stop-motion animated music video, two friends learn to work together to compromise in order to resolve their conflicts during a play date.

Watch a preview and download the “Elise & Louise” segment HERE.

Art Activities

Show your friends how much you care with our Friendship Tree art project – you can do it at home with Ruby’s easy instructions!

“The Friendship Show” Social & Emotional Benefits:

-Empowers kids to make and strengthen their friendships through empathy
-Provides children with tools to resolve conflict and confront bullying
-Encourages children to treat others the way they’d like to be treated

And parents can benefit, too – with our Pop-Up Parenting optional DVD feature, offering invaluable advice from renowned parenting expert and author, Dr. Robyn Silverman.

This latest installment from the award-winning Ruby’s Studio series is sure to engage and delight young kids as well as serve as a helpful tool for parents who aim to raise kind, communicative, compassionate children.

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