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Five pieces culled from the web meant to inspire and support our parenting.

VIDEO (Just click on Dr. Robyn to play!)

A knowmoreTV video featuring Dr. Robyn Silverman sharing a few critical tips on how to be your best, so your kids will follow in your footsteps.

Tips to get your child talk about their school day: The Parents’ Choice blog has an article sharing nine terrific suggestions to help extract that coveted information: what happened today in school?

The Best Advice for New Parents from Real Parents Who Get It: 21 snippets of advice from the blog, “Cool Mom Picks,” for those parents new to the little revolution that took place with the birth of their child.

The Teacher’s Guide to Parent Volunteers in the Classroom: Many public schools are spilling over with kids and parents in the classroom can be a huge help to over-worked teachers. This Edudemic article shares lots of ideas for parents to consider contributing to the classroom, plus some compelling statistics about such volunteering.

Lego Desk Organizer: Holly Homer’s “Kids Activities Blog” shares a fun one: making a desk organizer out of legos. (Nice after school activity!)

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