A Mother’s Day Love Letter to YOU

Sam, Abbie & The Mother Company Muses

Two years ago on Mother’s Day, The Mother Company was born – out of our own needs as mothers and to help a generation of our peers get answers to the questions we all face while trying to raise good people.  Since then, we’ve spent over 700 days gaining understanding and knowledge about all of you – and ourselves – in the process. What makes us cringe, cry, and connect.  What makes us pause, learn, and grow.  And of course, what makes us smile!  Needless to say – we think about mothering a LOT.  So, as you might guess, Mother’s Day is a kinda big deal around here.  And we are celebrating it by honoring you with this video dedicated to hard-working mamas everywhere:


You are The Mother Company:   the everyday moms who are making a difference to their children, their families, their communities – and bettering themselves.  We honor the mama who offers comfort with extra long snuggles and the mama who pumps at the office (or the police officer we met who pumps in the patrol car!).  We honor the first-time mama who is rediscovering who she is and the veteran who is contemplating yet another addition to her brood.  We salute with awe the mama who adopted 5 special needs kids.   And we give thanks to the grandmas who laid a path for us to find our own way.

As the rest of the media busies themselves by continuously pitting us against each other – Tiger Moms vs. Attachment Parenting vs. French Moms vs. Family Bed vs. Ferberizing, etc – we are in the business of bringing moms together.  You’ll find no judgement here.  We feel so incredibly lucky to be connected to such an incredible group of women who offer us support with every “like” on Facebook, with every forward of our articles, with every purchase of our products.  As we dedicate our lives to “Helping Parents Raise Good People,” it is so validating to know that our work is resonating.  We want to thank you and honor you and remind you, in the words of our favorite children’s host, Ruby:

“You are the only you in the world.  And you are loved.”

Happy Mother’s Day.

Abbie & Sam
The Mother Company Mamas

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The Mother Company aims to support parents and their children, providing thought-provoking web content and products based in social and emotional learning for children ages 3-6. Check out the first episode of our children’s series, “Ruby’s Studio: The Feeling Show,” along with our beautiful children’s booksmusichandmade dolls, and more.  We want to be a truly helpful parenting tool… For you!

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