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A weekly round-up of posts we came across that helped us, inspired us or just made us feel something meaningful.

How Children Learn: Portraits of Classrooms Around the World: An article on Brain Pickings about Julian Germain, photographer, who has been taking pictures of school children from around the world since 2004. He has the kids stay still for 15 minutes for a long exposure. Revealed, are expressions and details relatable to all.

Siblings make clothes for girls ‘to just be kids’: Three siblings started the company, “Girls Will Be” to create clothes that buck the current trend of short shorts and tight t-shirts in favor of stylish threads that girls can move freely and unselfconsciously in.

An Ordinary Day (with Food Allergies): Writer and mother, Carissa K, writes about the diligence required when raising a child with food allergies.

Victims of childhood bullying fare poorly in adulthood: A twenty year study conducted by UK and US psychologists, reveals insight into the effects of childhood bullying on adult quality of life.

10 Ways to Ease Your Child’s Preschool Separation Anxiety (and Yours): Your baby is ready for preschool, but are you? Hope Reeves, NY Times’ Motherlode writer, focuses on parents’ separation issues when their child enters preschool.

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