More Rave Reviews for “Ruby’s Studio!”

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We are so proud to report that top-notch bloggers, websites, and traditional media are applauding our efforts to make gentle, stylish, helpful programming for young children.

Here’s the latest:

Fox Business News: Host Tracy Byrnes says, “I think it’s awesome that you’re doing this. People should check it out. You never have enough DVDs at home. You never have enough things to entertain them when you’ve got stuff to do! I know because I’ve been there!”

Daily Candy Kids: “The Mother Company’s Ruby’s Studio: The Feelings Show is edutainment at it’s best.”

Baby Gear Mom: “The Feelings Show is a fantastic, entertaining teaching tool to help kids get a handle on all those emotions. Ruby (Kelsey Collins) is charismatic and keeps kids engaged with her down to earth, inviting personality.”

Babycenter.com (Momformation Blog): “Flipping awesome for your kid! The art direction is lovely, the music is catchy, and the message is very effective. It encourages kids to identify and talk about their feelings in a truly age appropriate way.”

Modern Mom: “Finally, an entertaining kids’ video with a great message to teach! What more could a parent ask for? You don’t have to feel guilty about letting your preschooler watch this one!”

Working Mother: “It’s a busy day and your child is home while you have work to do. Help may be in the form of screen time. If you need 40 minutes, turn to ‘Ruby’s Studio: The Feelings Show.'”

Dotcoms For Moms: “These smart mamas have redefined screen time for kids with a series of videos and programming that offers intelligent and fun solutions for kids age 2-11 that focus on real issues such as feelings and good behaviors.”

A Mom Less Ordinary: “Every once in a while I come across a company that I am blown away by. I have no other way to describe The Mother Company than a company for smart moms who foster smart kids. “Ruby” is absolutely adorable, she’s someone I would want to be friends with, and certainly someone I would want my kids to spend time with!”

2 Wired 2 Tired: “I think it’s a fun, fantastic way to teach children about feelings. It teaches lessons that can be carried on throughout life in such a fun way they are sure not to be forgotten.”

Culture Mom: “Ruby (played by Kelsey Collins) is host to a group of children in an arts studio straight out of a dream. The “I Feel” segments are both educational and creative…and my children were glued to the screen watching them!”

Familylicious: “If you have a preschooler you need to check out Ruby’s Studio: The Feelings Show.” It is a fantastic show whether you are looking for assistance in helping your child express their feelings or not. It’s definitely one of those kids shows you won’t mind watching either.”

The Mother Company aims to support parents and their children, providing thought-provoking web content and products based in social and emotional learning for children ages 3-6. Check out the first episode of our DVD series,“Ruby’s Studio: The Feelings Show”, which teaches kids about how to express their feelings. We want to be a parenting tool for you?

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