Introducing… Ruby!

We knew from the get-go that we wanted the host of our show to be a magical hero who would help our children learn all the social and emotional lessons they were tired of hearing from us.  A whimsical Mary Poppins meets Amélie with a little bit of the grounded Mister Rogers as well.  But finding that character was an exhaustive search.  A search that took nearly six months, required three casting directors scouring preschools, art classes, and music lessons nationwide, with moms, nannies, doulas, and hundreds of casting agents.  But when Kelsey Collins entered the room, we sat up straight in our chairs and listened as she spoke.  Her voice was soothing. Her presence was captivating.  Her smile was contagious.   The more we heard, the more we fell in love.  And when we asked over 100 moms and kids to weigh in on their favorite of our finalists, Kelsey was the clear winner by a landslide.  She embodies the very ideal host we’ve been imagining all along.  We are so happy to be introducing Kelsey Collins to you and your children.

Kelsey Collins

Hometown: Cary, Illinois

Birthstone: A Ruby!

First job: Babysitter

Favorite childhood tradition: “Game night” with my parents.  They taught me how to play everything from Parcheesi to Backgammon.

What you wanted to be when you grew up: An actress and a marine biologist. I really wanted to be on “Sea Quest.”

Most proud moment: I must say… It’s a tie between the day I arrived in Los Angeles after a long road trip from Chicago – and my first day on the set of “The Feelings Show.”

Favorite saying: “Love equals undivided attention.”

TMC:  What drew you to The Mother Company?

Kelsey:  It is a much needed organization that speaks to any woman with children.  I think many Moms will be excited to have this company at their fingertips.

TMC: How are you and Ruby similar?  Why were you right for this part?

K:  Ruby and I happen to be VERY much alike!  I am extremely artistic… I am in the middle of a personal painting at the moment using a pane of glass and oil paints.  I also live in a tree house with a sparkled ceiling.


From the very first audition for “Ruby,” I felt extremely close to the role.  I was not shy about telling the producers that I truly believe in the ‘Feelings Show’ and how I think it will positively affect every child who watches it.  Plus, I love to sing and dance…  And Ruby gets to do that on the show.


I really like how Ruby is a shining example of self-confidence.  I want children to feel great about themselves after watching every episode.

TMC: What lessons will kids learn from “The Feelings Show?”

K:  I believe children will learn tolerance and acceptance from the show… They will walk away from the television having learned how to relate to one another in an authentic way.

TMC: What was it like to film the first episode of Ruby’s Studio?

K:  It was a dream come true!!!!  The week we shot the first episode was the first week of my life in Los Angeles being a paid actress without having to work any of my day jobs. It felt so amazing to wake up every morning looking forward to being on the set.

TMC:  What was it like to work with the kids on the show?

K:  The kids on the set were such a joy to work with.  Their honesty was inspiring. We really just let them answer every question I posed to them in their own words. What they said regarding their own feelings was fascinating!  You’ll have to watch the show to see what I mean…

TMC:  What is your favorite memory from the shoot?

K:  My favorite memory from the set was doing our very first art project with the kids.  They really took the time to make true art.  It was lovely to have the luxury of watching them while they created art regarding their feelings.

TMC:  What will you take away from this experience?

K:  I will take so many treasures from this experience.  Working with Sam, Abbie, Jason, and Matt (the directors)… and the ENTIRE crew… was a pleasure.  The script is quite unique as well:  I learned some lessons about my own feelings while reading the exquisite words on the page for the cameras.  I also feel blessed to have truly connected with the kids from the set.  I wish them the absolute best.

TMC:  What are your hopes for the future of The Mother Company?

K:  Of course, I would like for “Ruby’s Studio” to be my only job.  What a dream it would be to wake up every morning looking forward to shooting another episode!  But more than that, I truly hope the Mother Co. reaches mommies all across the globe.  The Mother Company has an artistic vision that applies to almost ALL women.  And if we can all embrace that vision, we can all understand each other a little better.

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