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A weekly round-up of posts we came across that helped us, inspired us or just made us feel something meaningful.

Childhood Bullying’s Lasting Impact on Employment: A Time magazine article reports on research showing victims of bullying can experience higher rates of anxiety as adults, based on how they coped with the ordeal as a child.

Making Bread with Kids: 25+ Easy Bread Recipes: Huckabuck bread, Whole Wheat bread and Science experiment with bonus bread are just three of the fun, easy and let’s hope delicious loaves to edify our kids and fill our kitchens with a homey aroma.

The Cost of Raising a Child Today: $241, 080: Not the most uplifting information, but reality checks can be, um, helpful?

Top Tips for Preparing your Child for Starting School: Anna, Kindergarten teacher and blogger gives her ten top tips on how best to start the first year of school.

25 Great After-School Snack Ideas: Twenty-five tasty after school treats, plus great information on nutrition and how to get kids involved in the kitchen.


A TMC infographic on how to prepare kids for Kindergarten

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